Kazakh people under European influence

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                  Kazakh people under European influence.

  “The West is the West. The East is the East”.

Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia and borders on Russia and China. It's a multi-cultural and multi-national state. It's important to know some historical facts as well. Kazakhstan during the centuries has been greatly influenced by diversity of Eastern and Western lifestyles, and two 5biggest in the country Muslim and Orthodox confessions. European civilization had developed 100 years forward. In turn, the East is perceived as absolutely other world, the world of social contrasts full of exotic, incomprehensibility for the European logic, having it is not enough general with the western way of life. The notorious western inhabitant it is of interest only from the point of view of tourist object. Today it influences to economy, to culture, to lifestyle of many Asian countries. And one of those countries is Kazakhstan.

In facing the globalization process the countries of the Central Asian region, including Kazakhstan, experience the difficulties and contradictions it creates. For Kazakhstan which has gone through great historical modernization of its traditional society during the last 20 years this process can be particularly difficult as it can lead to the final loss of the original and unique culture language and traditions of the KAZAKHS.

The Kazakh traditions and mentally under great influence from western culture and American mass culture. Unfortunately the revival of the noble values of the Kazakh national culture very often takes the form of a reanimation of outward forms and rituals but not their deep essence. One is the weakening of the role  of the national culture in the process of  the formation of an individual and of civil society, which leads in turn to the loss of one’s own spiritual heritage: the citizen of the world will never sacrifice himself for any separate nation. This is one of the main reasons for the conflict between the process of globalization and national sovereignty which is very actual for Kazakhstan. The enthusiasm of the first years allows for some rather smooth development but as it fades away we risk losing our ethnic identity. Thought necessary in addition we must preserve what is inside us-the soul of the people, our mentality and the traits of our national character.

Of course Europe helped to Kazakhstan in economy and in international relationship too. Europe showed to Kazakhstan the main rules of the successful country and modern lifestyle. Also it opened the door to modern techniques and discoveries in medicine, physics, chemistry, etc. But our country is like a baby who learn to step. It catches everything and try to build its own world. European influence to our nations is very big and day to day it becomes global problem. Our  people are generous and trusting. Sometime they can not see line between good and bad. Because our  young generation learn a bad things very quickly. We know that young generation is future of the country. We are under European influence till. We have positive and negative influences of Europe in every sphere of life. European mentality and ours is very different. Something for them is normal but not for us. In culture sphere we have  many actors and actresses, singers, writers and composers, but we haven’t quality. They imitate to Western stars and lost their own feature. It’s sometimes like a “Incubator chicken”. It isn’t right when you forget about your mentality, culture and nature. Next is influence to speech. Speech of youth leaves to wish the best. They are speaking with very many rude and indecent words. It is stranger for Kazakh people. They also can not speak in mother-tongue  Kazakh but they speak in Russian. They celebrate mostly such Holidays Halloween, St. Valentine’s but not traditional ones. They don’t know who is Abish Kekilbaev but they know Madonna.  Also They are not interested in Kyz Jibek but in Romeo and Juliet. Many Kazakhs people don’t know the hymn. When they sing it, they just whisper. The old anthem recently was sang in place of new. if we don't know our anthem what expects from others?! Certainly they will do the same. For Example Sacha Baron Cohen's spoof 'Kazakh national anthem' from his 2006 film Borat is played at a shooting competition in Kuwait in place of the real one. When tobacco came from to Kazakhstan and men start to smoking it was normal. But today women and young girls smoking too. And they think it’s cool and funny. Nowadays, teenagers in Kazakhstan, tend to drink more and more frequently. The consequences such as negative health effects, growth of suicides and crimes among teenagers, are destined to appear. Every third  people in Kazakhstan smoking and drinking alcohol no matter who is - girl or boy. And every fifth people dies from for alcohol and tobacco, drugs. One problem creates other. For example suicide. When people watch American or European movie they don’t notice how their become one of that negative hero or heroine. Seeing violence, argues with parents, lies, robbery in those films, they do it!

You can see beautiful Kazakhs girl who wear top opening their stomach and  in the street and in  your work, collage, university and so on. We should follow Fashion trends but should know border of the legal. I ask 30 people what they think about it. They were different ages. 20 person were agree with me, 2 people have opposite meaning, others just don’t care and don’t know about it.

 But government doesn’t undertake anything to stop it. I would solve these problems to the following ways:

First of all people should know that the West is the West, the East is the East how famous American writer Rudyard Kipling said. We have to take only useful, good thinks and stop in front of a bad. One solved problem solves others. Government have lows about language, about national symbols, tobacco and alcohol but they don’t do it. Nowadays prices on alcohol and tobacco in Kazakhstan are low enough and it is not a problem for teenagers to buy drinks and smokes . For example, in our supermarkets and kiosks we can see following prices 0.7 liters of vodka is worth an average of 300kzt; and smokes of  80 KZT. beverages containing alcohol are available from 150 KZT. That is too low cost! So, the first possible solution is – the government should increase taxes on alcohol, tobacco and set high minimum prices on them. So, we still need an effective school-based prevention program. Organizations should develop a plan of action; include movies and interviews with defects of the drink, smoke, drugs, argues with parents, unknown national symbols and traditions. Moreover, we should provide information not from school teachers or parents, but from psychologists and experts, who will better influence the youth. According to the results, a school-based prevention program is effective only for a short period - after 6 months it does not work. That’s why we have to do it two once in the year.

 We can understand everyone who have bad influences but It is necessary for us to keep our traditions and mentality nature when the word “WE” means not only the narrow circle  of your relatives but all Kazakh nations in general.

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Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia and borders on Russia and China. It's a multi-cultural and multi-national state. It's important to know some historical facts as well. Kazakhstan during the centuries has been greatly influenced by diversity of Eastern and Western lifestyles, and two 5biggest in the country Muslim and Orthodox confessions.
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