The history of aircraft

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The history of aircraft


Verzilova Olga 9 “V”

Plane - aerodyne for flights in the atmosphere

means of propulsion and the wings.



In ancient Indian literature describes aircraft Wiman. There are also speak about aircraft in the folklore of different nations (the flying carpet, with a stupa Baboyu Yaga).


Viktor Vasnecov«Flying Carpet», 1880 г.


The first trying to build the aircraft were made in XIX century, but the first plane was built by Russian officer Mozhaiskii in 1882. But these model

is not able to rise into the air, becouse its engines was not very strong. 


It`s a model of Mozhaiskii`s plane


The first plane, which could make own flight, became the "Flyer 1", built by brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright in the U.S. The First flight in history was made on Dec. 17, 1903.


Brother`s, Orville and Wilbur

Wright plane.

In Russia in 1909, the inventor V. Tatarinov, received 50,000 rubles from the War Office to build the helicopter. Russia had hoped for this invention. But the idea has failed. Experience and knowledge Tatarinov did not match the complexity of the task, and big money have been wasted. This case has a negative impact on the lives of many aviation projects.


In 1909 the Russian government finally expressed an interest in aircraft. It was decided to build planes ourselves. Military officers  must make airplanes, M.A. Agapov, B. Golubev, B.F. Gebauer and A.I. Shabskom. Decided to build a three-planes of various types, then to choose the most successful. No one of the designers, not only did not fly on airplanes, but have not even seen them in real life.


The first successes of Russian aviation had been in 1910. June 4, Professor of the Kiev Institute Prince Alexander Kudashev flew 10 meters on the plane of his own design.


The first Russian plane



-aircraft, that fly as birds by wings.


But now Ornithopter constructed of the same size as birds and insects, creating large Ornithopter is impossible because the wing is very difficult to structure. Have been many attempts to build Ornithopter, which could control the people, and some of these Ornithopter were able to fly.


Edward Frost`s Ornithopter built in 1902 from willow, silk and feathers.


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